Live Stream How-to & Troubleshoot

  • After logging in, remember to
    • Check to see if you’re on the correct event page link 
    • refresh the screen if you don’t see the video player appearing
    • empty cache
    • try a different browser
    • restart your computer
    • check the video and audio settings on your devices
  • Choppy Video:
    • Make sure you have strong internet connection. A low bandwidth could also affect the quality of the stream
    • Make sure you have enough RAM on your computer running the program and possibly close other background apps
  • No Sound:
    • The volume of the video is not turned on automatically (Browsers’ restrictions for safety), so you must turn it on manually
    • hover the mouse over the viewing screen and you will see a control bar at the bottom. UNMUTE the sound icon OR
    • Double click on the video player on the screen. It should expand to full screen. The blue menu bar should appear on the bottom and you can unmute and bring up the volume.
    • Make sure your device’s volume is on
  • Video player too small:
    • You can expand the player to full screen by double  clicking in the player window and then on the full screen button
  • Login issues:
    • Check your email for your user name and log in with the password that you have set up during check out
    • Reset the password
    • Make sure you have purchased the Stream for access
    • Our system only allows one purchased stream per user per device
  • Purchasing for Somebody:
    • You must create a unique user name and password with the user’s email address for each new purchase. 
    • That means you should not use the same user information to purchase more than one ticket for each online stream.

If you have any questions, please email us:

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