Live Stream How-to

  1. Choose the live stream concert you want to buy.

2. Put in the price you want to pay for the concert (you can support by naming a higher price than the minimum). Click on “name your price” and the item will be ready in the cart for check out.


3. After making the purchase, you will receive your login info via email. Make sure you also check the spam box for the emails. We won’t process your payment till it’s closer to the live stream concert date.

4. On the day of the show, login to your account. Click on “Ready to Watch” or go HERE.

5. Make sure to also check out the chat box on the lower screen or leave a message for your band in the comment area!

6. The stream is best heard with headphones and is in STEREO.


  • Remember to refresh the screen if you don’t see it happening, or
    • empty cache
    • use a different browser
    • restart your computer
  • Choppy Video: Make sure you have strong internet connection. A low bandwidth could also affect the quality of the stream
  • Make sure you have enough RAM on your computer running the program and possibly close other background apps
  • If you don’t hear any sound, hover over the viewing screen and you will be able to unmute the sound and then control the volume slide bar
  • You can magnify the viewer by using hover and click on the far right button; same button for minimizing it
  • If you can’t find the password we sent you upon purchase, you can reset it by going to login and hit the “forgot password” button (your username is “firstname.lastname”
  •  if you have trouble with the stream, you can always type a message in the chat box and we’ll answer you quickly
  • too much chirping coming from the chat box notifier? you can mute the sound by disabling it in the setting on the gear icon on top of the menu bar of the chat box
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