ShapeShifter Lab is ShapeShifting!

ShapeShifter Lab is in a transition, initiated by the pandemic. We’ve learned so much during this critical time in our collective history, and we feel these last 10 years, running our music venue and all the various operations we’ve spun together, have laid the groundwork for what we will accomplish in the future.



So, we’re changing our location. We’ll miss 18 Whitwell Place. It’s been a beautiful space to gather, celebrate, learn, innovate but most of all to rewire and rethink who we are as a community, as creative entities, as business leaders/entrepreneurs, as human beings.



Our Future

We are committed to continuing our unique programming and presentation processes but we are also taking important steps to vastly improve the underpinnings of our organization. We are confident that this internal reworking will greatly enhance your experience as both a concert goer and a presenter. Stay tuned for details.



We Value You and Our ShapeShifter Community

Even through this transition, we will continue to be a place and an organization that is responsive and community-driven. All that we’ve dreamed and accomplished is thanks to YOU. We are you and you are part of us now. We are eternally grateful for you and what you have brought to our lives. Thank you…



Stay Connected

We have our sights set on a few different locations, all in Brooklyn at the moment, we will announce our new location as soon as we have all the pieces in place.


Meanwhile here is how you can stay connected and help us keep pushing the boundaries:


  • Donate today. Donate to our non profit (501c3) ShapeShifter Plus. Your donation will support a variety of important programs such as: 
    • Youth outreach programs, paying particular attention to our underserved Black and Brown, Asian, LGBTQ communities
    • Presenting, Supporting and Promoting unique and under-represented creative artists and presenters
    • Working to correct economic injustices in the music business
    • Children’s music education and presentations

Some of that programming will also take place while we’re in transition. We’re continuing our mission and there will still be important activities you can support and enjoy. Your donations are fully tax deductible.


  • Have you seen our app?” Subscribe to the Matt Garrison app (iOS & macOS only at the moment). Each subscription deepens our expansion and software development work and solidifies ShapeShifter Lab Productions Inc as a firm entity on the software dev landscape. We have several new apps in the works slated for release before the end of 2021 as well as early 2022.
  • “Stay in Touch.” Subscribe to our ShapeShifter Lab newsletter (scroll to the bottom of our main page) so you can receive last minute updates about our new direction!


From both of us and on behalf of our board of directors, advisors and staff, thank you for this past decade! It’s been incredible, and we’re confident  the next decade will be even BETTER!


More news to come shortly.




Matt Garrison and Fortuna Sung

Co-founders of:

ShapeShifter Lab

ShapeShifter Plus

ShapeShifter Lab Productions


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