BUYU AMBROISE and The Blues In Red Band

August 8, 2020



BUYU AMBROISE and The Blues In Red Band’s 16th Anniversary Celebration Concert Exploring the music of Frantz Casséus and traditional Haitian in a jazz idiom

This concert is a prelude to an audio recording project honoring the musical contribution by Haiti’s foremost classical composer Frantz Casséus.

Suggested Price: $20.00

Suggested Price: $20.00

Minimum Price: $10.00


BUYU AMBROISE & The Blues in Red Band

• Buyu Ambroise (saxophone)
• Frédéric Las Fargeas (piano)
• Bobby Raymond (double-bass)
•  Markus Schwartz (percussion)
• Allan Mednard (drums)
• Mikaëlle Cartright (Vox)

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