Open the Doors - Live Music & Shadow Theatre

October 27, 2021



Hilary Hawke—Banjo

Ola Aldous—Keys

Claude Aldous—Synthesizer and Sounds

Dorothy James—Imagery and Puppets


Open the Doors is a multi-media collaboration that incorporates storytelling, theatre, puppetry, and live music and is currently a work in progress.



Audience members must show proof of vaccination upon arrival. If you plan on attending this event in person, please read the “audience notes” tab below. This event is free to attend and stream, and will be streaming here.



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In-Person Audience Notes: MUST READ

We are excited to welcome you back into our space. Attendees must wear masks and show proof of vaccination upon arrival. Please read our Covid Safety Protocol page for a full list of guidelines.

About Open the Doors

An excerpt will be read aloud while one scene will be performed with silhouette puppetry along with a full score of contemporary cinematic music performed on banjo, synthesizer, and piano. The story is set in rural South Carolina and deals with issues of grief, self-care and empowerment, expressed through the young protagonist’s dream state, featuring a family of mythical owls and a giant tree.

Open the Doors is currently a work in progress supported by the City Corps Artist Grant.

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