R&R for the Holidays: Duo performance by Maestro Ron Carter and Russell Malone

December 24, 2020  
7PM Eastern Time
R&R for the Holidays
Duo Performance by Maestro Ron Carter and Russell Malone
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Take Off Collective members Ole Mathisen (sax), Matthew Garrison (bass) and Marko Djordjevic (drums) became friends at Boston’s Berklee College of Music as the second millennium was winding down. Since then, they have built careers as bandleaders; sidemen to world renown notables as well as unique and innovative instrumentalist. 

Their eclectic tastes, penchant for honest and unpremeditated improvisation and a thirty-year strong friendship brought them to a musical situation different from any other they have taken part in to date. 

Neither leaders nor sidemen, they are real-time composers and performers of music that is invented on stage in front of an audience. Their music has been described as virtuosic, adventurous, intense, innovative, disorienting, provocative, engaging… 

Each Take Off Collective concert is a moment ceasing, supremely intimate, music-transcending event.

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