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Take Off Collective Live Stream 4

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March 6, 2021; 5:00PM US EST

Available on demand until March 9, 2021 @US EST 11:59PM



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About this Performance

As they gear up for their first release a full 7 years since the group’s inception, Ole Mathisen, Matt Garrison and Marko Djordjevic, a.k.a the Take Off Collective, return to live performance on Sat. March 6th, 5 PM at ShapeShifter Lab! Their brand of genre defying, or genre unifying, perhaps?, story telling through improvised music engages the listener’s imagination. Shifting between open ended cinematic passages; steamroller, headbanging funk-core; faster than fast swing; and more!, each Take Off Collective performance is a case study of what happens when music becomes a playground for new possibilities. 

About the Trio

Take Off Collective members Ole Mathisen (sax), Matthew Garrison (bass) and Marko Djordjevic (drums) became friends at Boston’s Berklee College of Music as the second millennium was winding down. Since then, they have built careers as bandleaders; sidemen to world renown notables as well as unique and innovative instrumentalist.

Their eclectic tastes, penchant for honest and unpremeditated improvisation and a thirty-year strong friendship brought them to a musical situation different from any other they have taken part in to date.

Ole Mathisen Bio

“Wielding a deceptively clean tone, Ole can deliver an extraordinary volley of music, ranging from minimalist statements to full-on rock guitar-styled shredding of notes, a thrilling approach matched by his remarkable, genre-defying compositions.” Hot House Jazz Guide

Marko Djordjevic Bio

Marko’s life in music has been modeled after his first teacher Miroslav Karlovic. “Karlo” maintained an active performing career, practiced diligently to advance his art and selflessly shared his knowledge with aspiring musicians

Matthew Garrison Bio

Dad, Musician, Composer, Audio-Video, Events Producer, Co-Founder/Co-Owner/Artistic Director @shapeshifterlab #shapeshifterlab, Coder (Swift, Obj-C)

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