Submit the form for Live Stream Performance

Thank you for visiting this page and as you can see, we are beginning to edge into the re-opening process by offering live streaming on our site.


The production will take place at our venue, which allows for, at the moment, maximum 6 to 8 performers on stage, meaning you will be able to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between each other.


Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a date for the performance.


Got a question?

Just a couple of things: 
  1. Processing time: 4-8 weeks. 
  2. Non-US residents: If you are from overseas, you must have a valid work visa or US resident status in order to carry out work in the US. Please check with your local US consulate or immigration lawyer for further information.
Many thanks and we look forward to your performance at ShapeShifter Lab!