Matthew Garrison


Fortuna Sung


Our Team

Miles Bentley

Miles Bentley is a musician working with ambient sound, drone noise, and soundscapes; from amplifiers to transmitters, built circuitry are incorporated in many pieces. Educated in artist and entertainment management, he has worked as a live, recording, and mixing engineer in and around the New York City area.

Astrid Asmundsson

Astrid Asmundsson is a Brooklyn-based video editor. She graduated from Temple University in 2019 with a BA in Film & Media Arts. She also has a musical background, and previously performed around the NYC area.

Alyssa Rodriguez

Alyssa Rodriguez is an NYC-based musician with two degrees from SUNY Purchase in Arts Management and Studio Composition. She has worked with various art organizations as a freelance researcher.

Rosie Oliveto

Rosemarie is a Hospitality Management major, she specializes in Culinary Arts.
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