Stories from the Stage

Feb 18, 2021

Posting from NYIVA (THANK YOU!)

This week Stories from the Stage shines a light on @ShapeshifterLab in Gowanus.  We are joined by owners Matthew Garrison and Fortuna Sung as they remember the multi-generational magic that took place when they collaborated with @RaviColtrane and @jackdejohnette_ Support the future of this important venue by donating to the link found in our bio.

#SFTS is a series that shares the experience of navigating the devastation to the arts and performance industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic from the unique perspective of venue owners and bookers. Filmed on their beloved stages that remain shuttered under current governmental restrictions, #SFTS gives powerful insight on the motivations of these #superheroes who are trying desperately to #SaveOurStages.

Special Thanks:
Created by Rachael Pazdan
Videography by Johnny Frohman
Edited by Molly O’Brien



This week #SFTS celebrates @shapeshifterlab.  Support this important venue as it continues to weather this storm.

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