Artists' Showcase

We are proud to have hosted many phenomenal artists and performances at ShapeShifter Lab. If you have a video that was recorded by our space, and that you would like featured on this page, please get in touch!


Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science’s Grammy Awards performance was co-produced with ShapeShifter Lab.

Take Off Collective, featuring Ole Mathisen, Matthew Garrison and Marko Djordjevic.

Sofia Rei’s “UMBRAL.”

Debbie Deane plays and sings “Love” by Joni Mitchell.


The O’Farrill Family Band, recorded for the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance.

A live streamed performance by the Bobby Spellman Nonet.

Rodrigo Nassif performing with Uka Gameiro.

A duo performance by Christina Pato and Arturo O’Farrill.

Haiti Cultural Exchange presents Pa Bliye.

A duo performance by Plunge.

Ben Williams and Marcus Gilmore, presented by the Carr Center.

Melike Konur performing “Dream on Dreamer.”


“Le Cri,” performed by Gil Defay.

Screaming Headless Torsos, featuring Hiromi Uehara.

A clip of Dan Arcamone Trio.

Hace Mucho Trio.

Annie Chen Octet performing “Secret Treetop.”

Diego Pinera with Mark Turner and Ben Street.


Take Off Collective, with Ole Mathisen, Marko Djordjevic, and Matt Garrison.

Kitt Lyles’ Real Talk Collective.

A solo piano set by Laszlo Gardony.

Vincent Hsu Quintet playing “Pas de trois.”

Dennis Rea’s Time-Lapse Trio, presented by MoonJune Records.

Rafal Sarnecki playing “Hydrodynamics.”


Donny McCaslin plays “FACEPLANT” from his 2016 album ‘Beyond Now’ in a session at ShapeShifter Lab.

Sherlee Skai performing “JWE’M.”

Screaming Headless Torsos in concert with Hiromi.

A clip from a performance by Dongfeng Liu Quintet.


Mark Wingfield playing “Mars Saffron.”

“Medieval Overture,” by Piktor’s Metamorphosis.

A performance by Jazzamboka.

Nadje Noordhuis Quintet playing “Mercy Dance.”

Novas Trio performing “VESAK,” composed by Jeff Miles.

Ayman Boujlida Quartet.

XaDu playing “Deep Ocean.”

“Vientos Del Sur,” performed by New Caracas.

A clip of Berta Moreno Quintet.

GLANK in performance.

A snippet from an Orakel concert.

Giorgi Mikadze & Ensemble “Basiani.”


Ben Wendel playing his composition “August” with Mark Turner.

“A Minor Funk,” performed by Sonya Robinson Group.

A full set from Monika Herzig’s Whole World in Her Hands Band.

“Glendale,” performed by the Paul Bedal Quintet.

Burak Bedikyan’s composition “Astral Traveler.”

Shai Maestro with Gerald Clayton and Henry Cole.

Nate Hook playing “Yelling at the Stereo.”

“The Only Thing,” performed by Lucy Kalantari.


Ola Fresca performing “Elixir.”

A  clip from a concert by Karina Colis, Arcoiris Sandoval, and Mimi Jones.

Kari Ikonen and Ra-Kalam Bob Moses in concert.

Jan Pele DalMotion performs “Melancho-holy.”

Carmen Staaf Quartet playing “New April.”

A duo between Yiannis Kassetas and George Spanos.

Pape Armand Boye performing “Wadji.”

“Faith,” played by Jan Kus Quartet.

David Gilmore & Pleasure Project.

Hyungjin Choi Group performing “These Foolish Things.”

Rakka playing a Masa Orpana composition “Avarilla Mailla.”

Groove Collective with The Sugar Hill Gang.


Now Vs Now, featuring Jason Lindner, Panagiotis Andreou, and Mark Guiliana.

Roland Vazquez Band playing “Thru a Window.”

Chris Massey and the NJP play “Fiddler on the Roof.”

A performance by Yulia Musayelyan Quartet.

A clip of Max Johnson Trio.

Knower performing “Dreaming On Forever.”


“Riga,” performed by Ricardo Grilli Group.

Highlights from a Rami Lakkis Quartet performance.

Hildegunn Gjedrem performing “Solveig’s Sang.”

Tronzo Trio, featuring David Tronzo, Stomu Takeishi, and Ben Perowsky.

Rachel Eckroth playing “Future.”

Evan Marien and Dana Hawkins.

Highlights from a Sean Nowell and The Kung-Fu Masters performance.

Samuel Torres conga solo.

Dan Pugach performs “Coming Here.”

A snippet from a Zach Danziger set.

A clip of Daniel Weiss Group.

Grant Stinnett and Ebinho Cardoso duo.