ShapeShifter Lab Courtyard

Friends of ShapeShifter Lab

Welcome to our virtual meeting place where we can all connect! Since the pandemic, we haven’t seen you in person and we miss it very much!

So we’ve created this little space here where we can hear from each other. Feel free to drop us a line and DO! Any comments and ideas are welcome.

There’s also a live chatbox on the lower right if you want to chat with us real-time, just catch us when you see us!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!


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*** Note that this is a public forum so if you’d like to reach us separately, go here to private message us. Thanks!

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Joseph Pignato

This is cool. Looking forward to following things as they develop. Un abbraccione.

Joseph Pignato

Looking forward to tonight’s performance!

John McDonald

Hi from Scotland!! looking forward to the show tonight.

Mr. Ken Montoro

Hi there! I would love to be able to see the Oct 3 show but I will not be able to tune in real-time. And I know from replaying streams I have already purchased that they are limited to 1 hour. So my question is.. with the opening act taking the show well over an hour (I would think)m how is they going to work with replying the stream later, (which is all I will be able to do)

Yes, being a good friend of Phil DiPietro also means I am a pain in the *ss 😀
Phil is apparently doing better but he cannot access the live streams. Why not? Well that would be subject of another conversation…

Mr. Ken Montoro

Yes, exactly, and I’ve enjoyed that. You are all doing awesome and I hope it continues. But specific to this show, with an opening act its gonna be more than an hour, and streams are 1 hour.